Tuesday, September 11, 2007

The new me

Once again I find myself trying to change my profile photo - these things are just not easy!

Sunday, August 05, 2007

My Birthday Weekend of Fun (BWoF)

Sometimes in life you have the joy of spending an evening with all your dearest friends
and there will be laughter, and catching up, and meeting new friends, and food - always food!
This was my 30th, and I could not have wished for a better night.
The location was The Sahara Tent in Hamilton, some people came and stayed at the Novotel (or the 'Brad&Vic'otel), and others came for the night and then drove home (now that is true friendship)
The group totalled 18 - thankfully we were all slim and good friends as the seating was 'cozy'
What made the night special? Well it was.....

The Craziness
The Girls
The Couples

The Photogenic ones

The Non-Photogenic ones

The Laughter


The Soul Sisters

The 'togetherness' with NO children

The Texting

And of course the 30 year old (all grown up now!)

Thank you everyone for sharing this night with me - it was all I could wish for & more.

(see I told you Hamilton ROCKS)

Friday, March 16, 2007

Goodbye to the Blog

Well it's goodbye from me, it has been a fun few months of blogging, but suddenly it has all got a bit.....oh I don't know - like talking to yourself when you are cooking but bringing along photos as well.
I have decided to start my own memories, in my own computer - like scrap booking, but techo style - which I will burn onto disk and store, rather than upload and post.
So if you are a weirdo wanting to stalk (I am still not convinced that they are actually that interested in my world - but hey ho) find another blog, and if you are friends or family wanting an update - come over for coffee and cake and we can talk the evening away!

Sunday, March 11, 2007

Our Annual Girl's Weekend (est. 2007)

So what's the recipe for loads of laughs, not much rest, and a wonderful weekend away....

Well..... throw in a few girls, get them to try and do the "super model" pose for the camera....
look down and 1...2...3 - FLASH - oh whoops....!

Then give up - and just try and get them to all look and smile at the same time...!!!

Maybe a bit of newspaper reading without any little fingers or little toes, or nappies to change, breakfast to make, washing to fold....I could keep going on....

add a dash of hair dyeing for the very brave...

A pinch of highlights for the slightly mad....

A face mask for relaxation (although don't sit down, lie down, touch anything, eat anything etc or the mask will go everyway - extremely relaxing...)

Girls - it was a fabulous weekend, we laughed till we cried, pampered ourselves - spent ages straighting our hair - and then swam in the sea at 5.30pm and although we weren't going to go under - that lasted for about 2 seconds and we were all in and under and loving it like "real women" (sorry you missed out on your midnight dip Kim) We ate out, read books, discussed books and swapped books.

Our Annual event has begun, and I can't wait until next year!

See you on the 1st weekend in March 2008 - look out Whangamata!!!

Sunday, March 04, 2007

Our New House!

Yup you heard it right - we have bought a house in the lovely suburb of Westmere...

If I was a clever girl like Kate - I would inset a hyperlink to the web site, to take you on a photo tour - but I can't, so here is the link: http://www.open2view.com/Property/147519 and I hope it works for you!

It is all very exciting and I can't believe it has actually happened so fast!

Just so you know: you can take the girl out of West Auckland - but you can't take the Westie out of the girl!!

Poor Offie

My poor little second child, as much as I said that I would never treat my second child different to the first...I am afraid to say that I have.

Yesterday (3rd March) was Olivia's 1st Birthday, and although we did have a lovely day, we were too busy buying a house, to blog a birthday greetings to the little 1 year old.

So baby girl - here is your message, at 10.52pm at night, one day late, when your mommy can't sleep, cause she can't stop thinking about the new house...

We love you so much - you seem to have been part of our family from the start.

You are so cute - yet so stroppy (just like your daddy!)

You love your big sister almost as much as she loves you

She mauls you, pulls you, kisses you and feeds you - and still you come back for more

I am by far your favourite - I guess us second kids need to stick together

You eat like there is no tomorrow - and I guess when you are 1, you are not 100% sure there will be

You have 4 teeth - but can get through a steak like you have a mouthful of pearly whites!

You are desperate to walk, love High 5, love giving kisses, and love playing BOO!

Happy Birthday Offie!

Sunday, February 25, 2007

And then there was dinner.....!

menu cards on each placemat
stunning food
together we solved the worlds problems
ever heard of Plato, Aristotle, Socrates? Morons
six foodies all gathered around a table
discussing flavours, Europe, travelling
And then this morning, after an evening of indulging ourselves, we topped it off with Breakfast at Scott's Epicurean - what can we say - we were hungry!
When all else fails - you always have family
Maybe we'll all be doing this together one day in Europe
Thanks Brad & Vic - the weekend was fabulous!!

Saturday, February 24, 2007

Family Dinners

A couple of years ago, us kids decided that instead of doing presents each year, we would take it in turns to host a dinner party for the family. They have been such wonderful events, each different with it's own theme, and it's own impressiveness! (Although Cath & Nige always seem to do something that is MOST impressive, and top off the year!)
This year Brad and Vic were first to host at their new home in Hamilton, so after babysitters were sorted (thanks to Mom & Dad, Shaini and Kelly) the Baddeleys and the Cottles headed down to Sunny Hamilton, for an overnight stay with NO kiddos!
The first event of the day was a picnic at the Hamilton Gardens - quite impressive, I would have photos, but after sending Brad back home to grab the camera we discovered that the batteries were flat - oh well, he needed the exercise!

Next up was Mini Golf - and oh what fun that was.

We decided that girls against boys would be pretty fair competition:

And if anyone knows the Richmonds - they know that we are nothing if not competitive!

Brad was the winner, with Grant sitting right on his heals. The rest we probably don't need to go into - except I am requesting a recount, cause I don't understand how Cath beat me!!

But oh what fun - we laughed till we cried - which was much better than when I was little, when I would just cry - some of us got a hole in one - that would be me and Cath, and some of us couldn't sink the ball after 8 shots - that would possibly be me aswell!

There is nothing nicer than laughing with family!