Sunday, August 05, 2007

My Birthday Weekend of Fun (BWoF)

Sometimes in life you have the joy of spending an evening with all your dearest friends
and there will be laughter, and catching up, and meeting new friends, and food - always food!
This was my 30th, and I could not have wished for a better night.
The location was The Sahara Tent in Hamilton, some people came and stayed at the Novotel (or the 'Brad&Vic'otel), and others came for the night and then drove home (now that is true friendship)
The group totalled 18 - thankfully we were all slim and good friends as the seating was 'cozy'
What made the night special? Well it was.....

The Craziness
The Girls
The Couples

The Photogenic ones

The Non-Photogenic ones

The Laughter


The Soul Sisters

The 'togetherness' with NO children

The Texting

And of course the 30 year old (all grown up now!)

Thank you everyone for sharing this night with me - it was all I could wish for & more.

(see I told you Hamilton ROCKS)

1 comment:

kate5kiwis said...

yes you are right, what and absolutely *fabulous* weekend:
lol at *soul sister*...
love the food, *love* the family, love the friends!!!!!!!!!
loved the reunion of souls.

happy birthday to our fave thirty year old X